Your business continuity and the Coronavirus crisis

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Your supply chain is your weak spot during the Coronavirus crisis – how to prepare yourself

Different scenarios and how to protect yourself using a free tool we created for the community

 As the concern regarding the global outbreak of coronavirus (Covid-19) increases rapidly, companies are facing the need to quickly adjust their processes to various situations which can affect their business continuity.

The global nature, spread and infection pace of the coronavirus and their implications indicate that no company should rest assured assuming it could go by unscathed and every CISO, CIO and CEO should prepare and evaluate a business continuity plan (BCP) immediately.

Living in an interconnected world makes every business vulnerable to 3rd party business continuity risks that can disrupt its processes’ continuity, data and reputation.

One of the main issues to address is the company’s supply chain and other 3rd party readiness measures. Maintaining supply chain BCP in this challenging time is crucial to the ability to ensure minimization of potential impacts.

In the case of Coronavirus, the disruption is mainly created as a result of availability issues rising from the many employees that will be forced to work from home or be hospitalized.

From the supply chain perspective, the main risk scenarios are:

  1. The need for many employees to immediately shift to remote work.
  2. Staff availability issues resulting from employees being hospitalized in cases of illness and being unavailable for long periods of time.
  3. Lack of preparedness of vendors to enable remote and secured operation.
  4. Low compatibility of vendor’s infrastructure (endpoint, connectivity, etc.) with the proper requirements to maintain operation.
  5. Information security issues due to major and uncontrolled changes in the infrastructure serving the business.

Therefore, we decided to provide everyone with a FREE tool that will help you assess and manage your supply chain coronavirus readiness and resiliency.

You can subscribe for your free account here and immediately launch a vendor assessment process.

Your account is now equipped with a ‘Coronavirus resilience assessment’ type. By selecting it under either the ‘add new vendor’ or ‘manage assessment’ tab – your vendors will be able to quickly provide you with an overview of your supply chain weak spots.

The tool will also provide you with automated findings, recommendations and time stamps that will help you manage vendor gaps effectively.

Want to perform a self readiness assessment? No problem – just choose the ‘Coronavirus resilience assessment’ at the ‘manage assessments’ and choose ‘ self assessment’ 

If you already have your Findings account – contact our customer success team to activate the tool.

Just click on the link or the button below and start your on-boarding. 

Stay healthy! 

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