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You can have your cake and eat it (too)

It’s always nice to see something you are building grows and becomes a core key component in your customer’s experience.

This time we’re talking about Findings Notification system, which delivers events to your (and your supply chain’s) mail box, facilitates streamlined collaboration and process management.

The challenge with scalable notification engines is to balance between enabling standardized behavior in a massive amounts of notifications environment while enabling customization for the specific user needs.

If you’re not already familiar with Findings Notification system, let us bring you up to speed: by using the notification system, you can customize a handful of notification message types that, among others, includes:

  • Vendor notifications – all messages required along the vendor risk management life-cycle, including:
  • On-boarding notifications – supporting the vendors smooth entry to the system in the timeframe defined by yourself
  • New assessment request – inform your supply chain vendor about a new incoming assessment.
  • Set of reminder notifications
    • Assessment not started – in case the supply chain vendor did not start the assessment after a fixed period of time (defined by the platform or customized to your choice).
    • Assessment in progress – reminding the supply chain vendor they still have an ongoing assessment, pending findings to report, new chat notifications etc.
    • Assessment overdue – inform the supply chain vendor about an overdue assessment or upcoming due date.
  • Findings notifications – informing and tracking findings and their status of completion
  • Business owner/Procurement notifications – all messages related to a request for a supply chain vendor assessment by an internal business owner.

By customizing notifications, we mean that you have the ability to:

  • Change the email subject and content (using an advanced WYSIWYG editor)
  • Use your own outgoing email address (both SPF and DKIM are supported)
  • Ability to deliver a copy of the message to yourself & your teammates mail box

Over the last year we saw tremendous demand for feature requests, bug reports and high usage statistics all related to the notification system.

We took the time to analyze the key factors by observing our users usage behavior and come up with an awesome formula we believe can help them streamline their supply chain risk management and achieve even better results.

Notification delivered to supply chain can be automatically delivered (as a bcc) to the issuer’s organization admins to help them be on the same page, keep track of the recent event, so in case a user of the admins group is absent for any reason, his colleagues have the same information to work with. 

If a request for a new supply chain vendor issued by a business owner, this business owner user is automatically CC’ed to every outgoing email that the vendor receives, so he/she could also be part of the entire process status, and of course can assist in any inquiries received from the vendor’s response emails.

Lastly, if a supply chain vendor decides to response to an email sent by the customer, the email would be automatically delivered to the issuer organization owner, and if a business owner is part of the process, he should be CC’ed as well.
Would you like to give it a try? See it in action! Click here to try it.