The Complete List of September 2021 Findings Updates

This blog post details the new features and bugs release for 02.09.2021.

New Feature #

Keeping the Auditor and the Auditor’s Position in the Vendor’s Assessment #

Issue – During the audit stage of a vendor’s assessment, the system redirected the auditor back to the top following every update the auditor made to the assessment, such as adding or removing findings.

Solution – We now keep the current position of the user during the audit process.

Bugs Fixed #

1) When Editing a Findings/Task from the Dashboard, the User Interface was Not being Updated #

Issue – When a user updated a task/finding from the Tasks/Findings List on the dashboard, the change wasn’t reflected in the User Interface (UI) until the user refreshed the page.

features and bugs release of 02.09.2021 - screenshots of changes for the bugs fixed
Tasks/Findings list – Findings dashboard

Fix – Now, all changes are reflected immediately in the UI.

2) Deleting a Task/Findings Caused a Blank Page #

Issue – When a user deleted a task/finding from the Tasks/Findings List on the dashboard, a blank page appeared.

Fix – Now, deleting a Task/Finding will not cause a blank page to appear.

3) Follow Up Questions were Not being Disabled from the Score after the Vendor Changed an Answer in the Assessment #

Issue – When a vendor selected an answer in the “master control,” follow up questions were triggered. Subsequently, the answers to the follow up questions were calculated in the total assessment’s score. However, this was the case even when the vendor changed the answer for the “master control” and the follow up questions were disabled.

Fix – We disabled the calculation for follow up questions in the total assessment’s score for when the vendor changes the answer to their “master control.” Consequently, the change does not delete the vendor’s answers to the follow up questions.