How to open an additional organization (Subsidiary)

This document showcases, step-by-step, how to open an additional organization (subsidiary) in your Findings account.


Go to the top right corner of the screen and click the logo.

Subsequently, a dropdown menu will appear. Click ‘EDIT ORGANIZATION,’ which is the second option on the menu.

Step 2 – ‘Organization I Belong’ #

After clicking ‘EDIT ORGANIZATION,’ the ‘MANAGE ORGANIZATION’ box will appear. It contains (up to) four tabs: ‘My Organization,’ ‘Organization I Belong,’ ‘Notifications,’ and ‘SO/BO Pages.’

The box will open with ‘My Organization.’ However, to open a new organization, click ‘Organization I Belong.’

Subsequently, under the four tabs, there is a box called ‘Create new organization.’ Here, you must type the name of the organization you want to add.

Then, after writing the name of the organization (for example, Facebook), click the green ‘ADD’ button.

Subsequently, the organization (and the user who created it) will appear in your list.