How To Invite A Team Member

This blog post showcases, step-by-step, how to invite a team member.

Please note, you can click here to trigger our in-app interactive tutorial.

Step 1 – The ‘Logo’ Button #

Once you are in the ‘DASHBOARD,’ go to the ‘logo’ icon in the top right corner of the screen. Click the ‘Logo’ button.

Find the logo and click it.

Subsequently, a scroll down menu will appear with your account options:

Click ‘Edit Organization.’

The dropdown menu contains a variety of options. Click ‘EDIT ORGANIZATION.’

Step 2 – Add the Team Members Email #

After clicking ‘Edit Organization,’ the ‘MANAGE ORGANIZATION’ box will appear. It contains four tabs:

  • ‘My Organization’;
  • ‘Organization I belong’;
  • ‘Notifications’; and
  • ‘SO/BO Pages.

‘My Organization’ will automatically be selected for ‘MANAGE ORGANIZATION.’ Remain on ‘My Organization.’

Furthermore, in ‘My Organization’ is a list of users that have access to your organization’s account. To add a user to the list, type their email address into the ‘Add new user’ box above the list, and click the green ‘ADD’ tab. (Conversely, if you want to remove a user from the list, click the red ‘Remove’ button.)

Type in the teammate’s/user’s email in the space adjacent to ‘Add new user.’

Subsequently, the user’s name and email address will appear in the list.

The user/the user’s email will appear in the list of users.

How does the Teammate Access the Assessment? #

Step 1 – The Teammate Must Check their Inbox #

After you have added the teammate to the list, the teammate will receive an email in their Inbox from Findings, titled ‘Findings Vendor Risk Management.’ The teammate must open the email, which states: ‘Hello | You have been added to a new organization in Findings. | Please click the button in order to see the dashboard for your new organization.

Moreover, the email will contain a button, stating ‘Click To Proceed.’ The teammate must click the ‘Click To Proceed’ button.

The email that the team member receives. They must click the ‘Click To Proceed’ button.

Step 2 – Click ‘Manage Assessments’ #

Subsequently, the Findings dashboard will open in a new window for the teammate. To find the assessment, they must go toward the top right of the screen and click the ‘Manage Assessments’ button.

Find and click the ‘Manage Assessments’ button on the dashboard.

Step 3 – Find the Assessments List #

After clicking ‘Manage Assessments,’ the ‘MANAGE ASSESSMENTS’ box will automatically appear. It contains two tabs: ‘Assign’ and ‘Manage.’ Click ‘Manage.’

Click ‘Manage’ in ‘MANAGE ASSESSMENTS.’

Then, the assessment will appear in your list of assessments. This means that the teammate has access to the assessment and they must click the ‘Edit’ button to view and/or edit the assessment.