How To Enable A Two Factor Authentication (2fa)

This document showcases, step-by-step, how to enable a two factor authentication (2fa) for your Findings account.

Please note, you can click here to trigger our in-app interactive tutorial.

Go to the top right corner of the screen and click the logo.

Find the logo and click it.

Subsequently, a dropdown menu will appear. Click ‘EDIT PROFILE,’ which is the first option on the menu.

The dropdown menu contains a variety of options. Click ‘EDIT PROFILE.’

Step 2 – The ‘Password’ Section of ‘ACCOUNT PROFILE’ #

Next, the ‘ACCOUNT PROFILE’ box will appear on your screen. ‘ACCOUNT PROFILE’ will automatically be set on ‘Profile.’ However, to enable a two factor authentication for your account, you must go to the ‘Password’ section. Therefore, click the ‘Password’ tab next to ‘Profile.’

Do not remain on ‘Profile.’ Click the ‘Password’ tab.

Subsequently, the information in the ‘ACCOUNT PROFILE’ box will change. Now, the box will contain two subheadings:

How the

Under the ‘CHANGE AUTHENTICATION METHOD’ subheading, there is ‘Authentication method.’ This consists of three options:

  • ‘None’;
  • ‘Email’; and
  •  ‘SMS.’

The platform will automatically have the ‘Authentication method’ set at ‘None’ (as can be seen in the screenshot above). To enable a two factor authentication for your account, click either ‘Email’ or ‘SMS.’

Findings give you a choice of an email or a SMS two-factor authentication.

Once you have clicked ‘Email’ or ‘SMS,’ click the green ‘CHANGE AUTHENTICATION METHOD’ button. Thus, you have enabled a two factor authentication for your account.

After choosing your two-factor authentication (for example, email), click the ‘CHANGE AUTHENTICATION METHOD’ button.

What If I Have Not Entered A Phone Number? #

Upon clicking either ‘Email’ or ‘SMS’ in the ‘Password’ section of ‘ACCOUNT PROFILE’ the following message will appear: Please provide a valid country & phone number before enabling Two-Factor authentication.

If you have not entered a valid phone number, the text in red and blue appears.

Therefore, to provide a valid phone number, click ‘country & phone number’ (the words colored in blue).

Click ‘country & phone number’ to add a valid phone number.

Subsequently, you will be taken back to the ‘Profile’ section of ‘ACCOUNT PROFILE.’ There, you must fill in either or both of the ‘Email’ and ‘Phone’ boxes.

Type in your phone number and/or email address in the correct boxes.

After filling in the ‘Email’ and/or ‘Phone’ boxes, click the green ‘SAVE’ button.

Click the ‘SAVE’ button to save your phone number and/or email address.

Subsequently, click the ‘Password’ tab again and follow Step 2 of this document to enable a two factor authentication for your account.