How To Enable A Time Extension In An Assessment

This blog post showcases, step-by-step, how to enable a time extension in an assessment.

Step 1 – Find the Relevant Vendor #

On your Findings dashboard, scroll down to ‘ASSESSMENT LIST.’ There, you will find several headings, one of which is ‘Types.’

Under ‘Types,’ you will see the names of the assessments in your list. Click the relevant vendor; for example, ‘Paul63.’

Click the relevant vendor in ‘ASSESSMENT LIST.’

Step 2 – The ‘OPTIONS’ Button #

Subsequently, the vendor’s assessment will appear in the ‘ASSESSMENT’ box on the left. The vendor’s progress for each category can be viewed in this box, while the vendor’s over-all progress for the assessment can be viewed in the ‘GENERAL INFORMATION’ box on the right.

However, to enable a time extension in an assessment, click the green ‘OPTIONS’ button in the top right corner.

In ‘ASSESSMENT,’ click the ‘OPTIONS’ button.

Then, a dropdown menu will appear with three options:

  • ‘Mark as Reviewed’
  • ‘Resend Invitation’; and
  • ‘Edit Assessment.’

Click ‘Edit Assessment,’ the third option.

Click ‘Edit Assessment’ from the dropdown menu.

Step 3 – Change the Due Date for the Assessment in ‘Due’ #

Subsequently, the page will reload, even though it will remain on ‘ASSESSMENT.’ On the right side of the screen will be the ‘SETTINGS’ box with a series of headers running downwards:

  • ‘Title’;
  • ‘Assessment type’;
  • ‘Benchmark’;
  • ‘Due’;
  • ‘Page’;
  • ‘Text direction’; and
  • Report.

Click the calendar icon in ‘Due.’

Click the calendar icon to change the due date for the assessment.

Then, click the date that you want the assessment’s due date to be changed to; for example, 5th January 2022.

New due date selected (for example 5th January 2022).

Thus, the new due date for the assessment will be saved accordingly.

New due date will be automatically saved in the platform after being selected.