How To Change Your Password

This blog post showcases, step-by-step, how to change your password for your Findings account.

Please note, you can click here to trigger our in-app interactive tutorial.

Step 1 – ‘EDIT PROFILE’ #

Go to the top right corner of the screen and click the logo.

Subsequently, a dropdown menu will appear. Click ‘EDIT PROFILE,’ which is the first option on the menu.

The dropdown menu has a variety of options. Click ‘EDIT PROFILE.’

Step 2 – The ‘Password’ Section of ‘ACCOUNT PROFILE’ #

Subsequently, the ‘ACCOUNT PROFILE’ box will appear. It contains two tabs:

  • ‘Profile’; and
  • ‘Password.’

Automatically, ‘ACCOUNT PROFILE’ will be set on ‘Profile,’ the first of the two tabs. However, when it comes to how to change your password, you will need to go to the ‘Password’ section of ‘ACCOUNT PROFILE.’ Therefore, click the ‘Password’ tab next to ‘Profile.’

To change your password, click the ‘Password’ tab.

Subsequently, the information in the ‘ACCOUNT PROFILE’ box will change to contain two subheadings, ‘CHANGE PASSWORD’ and ‘CHANGE AUTHENTICATION METHOD,’ along with their respective boxes.

The ‘Password’ section of ‘ACCOUNT PROFILE.’

Under the ‘CHANGE PASSWORD’ subheading, there are three boxes:

  • ‘Old Password’;
  • ‘New Password’; and
  • ‘Repeat Password.’

All three boxes must be filled in with the correct information. 

The boxes that must be filled in to change your password.

Also, please note, your password must contain:

  • Eight characters (letters);
  • A special character (a symbol or a sign, such as a percentage sign or an exclamation mark); and
  • A number.

Should you wish to see what you type for your password, click the eye/reveal symbol. After typing your old and new passwords (plus repeating the new password in the ‘Repeat Password’ box), click the ‘CHANGE PASSWORD’ button. Then, your new password will be saved.

After typing your new password in the correct boxes, click the ‘CHANGE PASSWORD’ button.