How To Add A Single Vendor

This tutorial showcases, step-by-step, how to add a single vendor to the Findings platform.

Please note, you can click here to trigger our in-app interactive tutorial.

Step 1 – Find the ‘Manage Vendors’ Button #

Go toward the top right of the screen and click the ‘Manage Vendors’ button.

Click the ‘Manage Vendors’ button to begin the process of adding a single vendor.

Step 2 – Click the ‘Add new vendor’ button #

After clicking ‘Manage Vendors,’ the first ‘MANAGE VENDORS’ box will appear on your screen. Click the ‘Add new vendor’ button above the list of vendors.

To add a new vendor to your Findings account, click the ‘Add new vendor’ button.

Step 3 – The Second ‘MANAGE VENDORS’ Box #

Upon clicking ‘Add new vendor,’ a second ‘MANAGE VENDORS’ box will appear on your screen. This one will contain three new tabs: ‘Information Data,’ ‘Additional Information,’ and ‘Assessments.’

How the next stage of the ‘MANAGE VENDORS’ box appears when empty of vendor information.

Information Data #

‘Information Data’ is the first of the three tabs, and it is the one that appears automatically after clicking ‘Add new vendor.’

Immediately under ‘Information Data’ is ‘Operation Type,’ which contains two options: ‘Single Vendor’ and ‘Multiple Vendors.’ Like with ‘Information Data,’ ‘Single Vendor’ will automatically be selected.

(For the purposes of how to add a single vendor to the Findings platform, this will suffice and you do not need to click anything regarding ‘Operation Type.’ We cover how to add multiple vendors in another document.)

Under ‘Operation Type,’ there are five boxes: ‘Company,’ ‘Name,’ ‘Email,’ ‘Phone’ and ‘Group.’ Of the five, the ‘Company,’ ‘Name’ and ‘Email’ boxes must be filled in with the correct information. Conversely, the ‘Phone’ and ‘Group’ boxes are non-compulsory and do not need to be filled out.

Type in the company’s name, the user’s name, and the user’s email in the relevant boxes when adding a single vendor.

For example, the Company will be called ‘Paul72,’ the Name will be ‘Paul72,’ and the Email address will be ‘paul+72@findings.co’.

An example of how the relevant information should look after being typed in the correct boxes.

Additional Information #

How the ‘Additional Information’ box appears when devoid of information.

‘Additional Information’ is the second tab in ‘MANAGE VENDORS.’ After clicking on ‘Additional Information,’ you will see two subheadings: ‘Business Impact Analysis’ and ‘Benchmark’. Both of these contain four multi-choice or typed answers each for you to fill in.

Please note that the information you provide here is fully customizable according to your requirements, and is non-compulsory. Should you not wish to add any data here, click the ‘Next’ tab in the bottom right corner.

Alternatively, if you want to enter the relevant additional information into the Findings platform, check out the How To Customize A Vendor’s Additional Information.

Assessments #

‘Assessments’ is the third tab in ‘MANAGE VENDORS.’ After clicking on it, you will see three boxes. The first and the third need to be filled in.

The first box is ‘Assessment(s) Required,’ and you must select the relevant assessment for the vendor from the scroll-down menu. (Please note that you must create an assessment first. Want to learn how to create an assessment? Click here.)

Select an assessment for a vendor from the list in ‘Assessment(s) Required.’ If no assessments appear in the list, you must create one.

Subsequently, click the ‘SAVE AND CLOSE’ button.

Click the ‘SAVE AND CLOSE’ button to confirm the (new) vendor to your list.

Step 4 – Where to Find the Added Vendor? #

After clicking ‘SAVE AND CLOSE,’ the new vendor will be added to the Findings platform. The vendor can be found by returning to the Dashboard and clicking on the ‘MANAGE VENDORS’ tab again (as stated in Step 1 of this document). The new vendor will appear at the top of the list.

The newly added vendor appears at the top of the list in ‘MANAGE VENDORS.’

Step 5 – What to Do Next? #

You can either click the ‘Add new vendor’ tab to add another vendor to the platform. Or, you can click ‘Edit’ to amend the information that you previously provided for the vendor.

Alternatively, you can manage the assessment for the vendor that you just added. To find out how to manage an assessment, click here.