How To Add A Logo to An Organization’s Profile

This tutorial showcases, step-by-step, how to add A Logo to your Organization’s Profile.

You can use our interactive tutorial, directly in your account by clicking here

Step 1 – Find ‘Edit Profile’ #

Go to the logo in the top right corner of the screen

Look for the logo in the dashboard and click it.

Click on the logo. A dropdown menu will appear and click ‘EDIT PROFILE.’

The dropdown menu contains a variety of options. Click ‘EDIT PROFILE.’

Step 2 – Stay on ‘Profile’ #

After clicking ‘EDIT PROFILE,’ an ‘ACCOUNT PROFILE’ box will appear. You will have two options:

‘Profile’; and


The system automatically starts you on ‘Profile,’ so merely stay on it.

At ‘ACCOUNT PROFILE,’ simply remain on ‘Profile.’

What If I Click ‘Password’ by Mistake? #

It is not a problem. Simply, click on ‘Profile’ and it will be as if you never did anything wrong.

Step 3 – Click on ‘Browse’ #

Under ‘Profile,’ there is the title ‘PERSONAL DATA.’ Under that (inside a rectangular shape with rounded edges), there is a logo, the words ‘Profile Image,’ and a ‘Browse’ tab. Click on the logo or the ‘Browse’ tab.

Click the ‘Browse’ button or the area for the logo to search for the relevant image in your computer.

Subsequently, you will need to find and double click on the relevant logo from the pictures on your device. (Please use the high-resolution logo that the client sent you. If you do not have one from the client, please ask for it.)

Click the relevant image within your filepad.

Click ‘APPLY.’

After resizing the image (if necessary), click ‘APPLY.’

Step 6 – Logo in the Right Place #

Subsequently, the logo will appear in the relevant place. So, click the green ‘SAVE’ button and your logo will be added to your profile.

Click ‘SAVE’ to complete the process of changing your logo.

The new logo will now appear in the top right corner of the dashboard (in place of the former one).

The new logo will appear in the dashboard in the right place.