Automate Security Assessment Response with Findings

Tiered of manually responding to the same questions?

Being assessed too many times every year by your customers?

Wasting too much expensive internal hours on security assessment processes?

Reduce response time by 65%

Findings revolutionizes the way vendors can meet security assessment requirement by providing the first comprehensive, AI powered, assessment response automation platform.

Findings is the only solution you will ever need to quickly response to security and privacy assessments, verify your posture and accelerate customer engagement.

Build your organizational repository

Upload past assessments.

Every assessment uploaded to Findings enhance and enrich your control and evidence knowledge-base repository

Got a customer assessment request?
Automate it !

Upload new assessments

Rapidly upload customer questionnaires. Findings will automatically convert them to an online editable assessment format

 Respond online

Answer your new assessment online, source answers from your repository

Automate answers

Let Findings AI detect the best answers to your customer’s questions and accelerate your response time 

automated risk assessment gaps and findings

Manage your findings 

All your findings and tasks in one place. Meet your customer’s requirements by automatically reporting your risk reduction progress.

Share with your client

Securely share your answers with your customer.
The customer can securely download your response in the original format, request further response and define findings

Automate your assessments response

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