Automate your customers' security and privacy assessment response

Answering multiple customer security assessments ?

Security compliance, whether mandated by your sector’s regulation, requested by your existing customers or new prospects – is a costly, labor-intensive and continuous process.

Findings is accelerating the security and privacy assessments response time for new business opportunities by automating the process, minimizing the security team involvement and dramatically reducing the assessment life cycle period.

Assessment & RFP response automation

Automate your prospects security checkup, accelerate your deals lifecycle and focus internal resources on creating more value.

Let Findings answer your periodic customers security audits.

No more spreadsheets, emails and time waisted on assessment administration

Manage your customers' requirements

Manage all your findings, tasks and customer risk exposure in one place. Save time on customer compliance and never miss a due date.

Verify controls

Reuse past audits for your new assessment processes

Showcase your security posture
Your terminology, your descriptions your evidence, your brand – personalize security and privacy showcase pages and accelerate lead-to-cash ratio