Automate your customers' security and privacy assessment response

Reduce response time by 65%

Answering security questionnaires requirements are a basic component of your pre-sales and on-going customer engagement.

Findings automate your security & privacy RFP processes – enabling you to focus on bringing new business and serving your current customers better.

Effortless Security & Privacy Automation with Findings

Upload your Assessment or RFP document

Rapidly upload RFPs and customer questionnaires. 

Findings will automatically convert them to an online editable assessment format

Collaborate with your team
Assess security maturity and manage customer requirements

All your internal stakeholders: Security, legal, product and management in one managed place 

Verify controls

Reuse past audits for your new assessment processes

Showcase your security posture
Your terminology, your descriptions your evidence, your brand – personalize security and privacy showcase pages and accelerate lead-to-cash ratio
Findings simplifies your entire customer assessment ecosystem: Efficient audits, risk reports, evidence, and personalized security showcase pages