Supply Chain Security – At the Pace of Business

Your digital supply chain is a complex interconnected ecosystem of vendors and third parties – each with their own supply chain and their own infrastructure.

Yet even in digital enterprises, assessing and managing supply chain cybersecurity and vendor risk remains, well, clumsy. It’s usually managed via Excel. It consumes resources you can’t afford to waste. And it leaves you with liability you can’t afford, period.

Today’s vendor assessment, onboarding, and monitoring simply can’t keep up with the pace of business.


That’s why we created Findings

With Findings, enterprise supply chain security and vendor risk management  finally catch up with the pace of your business. We apply advanced AI and automation to eliminate manual bottlenecks, plug mission-critical cybersecurity gaps, slash onboarding and monitoring time, and allow you to manage more vendors, more efficiently.

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Automate assessments

Automate your supply chain security and risk management program in minutes. Gain full visibility without manual processes and at a dramatically lower cost.

Benchmark Your Way

Define cybersecurity and vendor risk criteria and standards based on your company’s methodology and your industry’s best practices.

Align and Manage Risk

Align internal business owners with your vendor risk process. Define automated inherent risk, vendor profiling and prioritization processes based on your actual exposure.

Maintain evidence of compliance

Automate evidence management and enforcement at scale.

Automatically Verify Controls

Replace manual control validation, verification and costly field inspections with automated control verification processes.
Collaborate More Efficiently

All your stakeholders in one place. Eliminate manual work while communicating with your vendors and service providers.

Manage Findings

Automate gap analysis, impact assessments and remediation plans. Save on billable-hour consulting costs for vendor reviews.