User Manual

Initial Account Setup

Your account setup starts with the invitation email you receive:

On your first visit to IDRRA, an “Account Profile” pop-up appears.  Here you are required to set your account password in order to proceed to the next step. 

Your account is highly secure. You should choose a strong password that meets the following requirements:

  • 8 Characters (minimum)
  • 2 Capital letters
  • 2 Numbers
  • 3 Lowercase letters
  • 1 Special character (!,@,#,$, % etc.)

The Assessment Management Page

After setting your initial password, IDRRA takes you directly to the assessment you’ve been invited to complete. The assessment will automatically begin (or will continue from the last point at which you left off).


Assessment instructions:

  • The chatbot frame provides a smooth, dynamic experience – it’s easy to follow and interact with the conversation in the bot frame (by answering questions, uploading evidence, etc.)
  • At any point, you can edit your answers or answer additional questions by clicking on the YOUR ANSWERS link in the main frame
  • Continue to answer questions until the assessment reaches 100% completion
  • At any point, you can open the IDRRA support chat for additional assistance

As you progress through the assessment, a score is being dynamically calculated in every category – the score is compared to the standard chosen by the customer.


At any point, if you need help, you can click on the chat’s support button, and start a conversation with one of our team members.

Furthermore, if you encounter an issue related to a specific question in the assessment, you can click on the chat icon next to the relevant question, and start a conversation.


You can follow all of your chat conversations by clicking on the envelope icon at the top right corner of the main dashboard . A window will open with all of your conversation history.

Gaps/Advice Management

As the assessment proceeds – “Gaps” (between your answers and the required standard) will be identified. 

Keep in mind that an expert back-office review is conducted in parallel to the automated process and therefore additional “Gaps” can be identified as well.

“Gaps” are called IDDRA ADVICE and will accumulate in the main assessment frame.


Clicking on the ADVICE link in any category will open the advice management pane.  There you can read what caused the gap and what you need to do to address it.

Each gap is defined by three elements:

  • Severity level
  • Status
  • The time to handle

You can change the “Status of each piece of advice in accordance to your progress to one of four types of “Status“:

  • Pending – indicates new advice that requires attention.
  • Accepted – indicates that you are currently addressing the issue.
  • Completed – indicates that you have finished addressing this issue and removes the item from the advice list.
  • Dispute – indicates that you don’t agree with the advice and you wish to discuss this issue directly with the customer.

Log-In And User Dashboard Screen


When you return to IDDRA’s platform through the main URL: , simply click on the login button at the top left screen 


You can enter your email address and the password you set to login.


Note: At any point, if you can’t remember your password, simply choose the Forgot password link to reset your password.

After successful login, you will be redirected to the main dashboard:

On the main dashboard screen you will find:

  • Your risk score (top left side)
  • Your gaps (top right side)
  • List of assessments awaiting completion (bottom left side) – which includes status, score, name, and other information for each assessment
  • List of gaps (bottom right)


To begin an assessment – scroll down to the “Assessment List” on the bottom left side of the page, choose the assessment you want to work on, and click on it.