Automate your customers' security and privacy assessment response

Answering multiple customer security assessments ?

Customer security assessments are costly, labor-intensive and time-consuming. Whether for compliance with supply chain security regulations or customer policies and risk management – manual assessments sap resources you could put to better use.

Findings consolidates assessments for your current and prospective clients. Our AI-powered solutions automate clumsy manual processes, lower the burden on your security teams, dramatically shorten time-to-assessment, and slash overhead to increase sales and continuous customer risk management.

Effortless Security & Privacy Automation with Findings

Assessment & RFP response automation

Automate prospect supply chain security checkups, accelerate deal lifecycles, reduce lead-to-deal ration and focus internal resources on creating value. Automated security audit responses from Findings eliminate assessment overhead.

Let Findings answer your periodic customers security audits.

No more spreadsheets, emails and time waisted on assessment administration

Manage your customers' requirements
Assess security maturity and manage customer requirements

Findings simplifies your entire customer assessment ecosystem. Assessment findings, customer risk exposure reports, evidence and more are easily accessible via a single pane of glass. And integral alerts ensure you never miss a due date.

More Efficient Audits

Reuse data from past audits to enhance ongoing assessment processes.

Showcase your security posture

Your terminology, your descriptions, your evidence, your brand – personalize security and privacy showcase pages and accelerate lead-to-cash ratios.

Findings simplifies your entire customer assessment ecosystem: Efficient audits, risk reports, evidence, and personalized security showcase pages