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What is Findings?
Findings is a comprehensive platform for all of your supply chain needs. We automate and monitor your entire risk management process, keeping your company ahead of the curve. Compared to other VRM tools, Findings is the only platform in the market that connects vendors and enterprises under one solution..
What is the difference between a vendor and an enterprise?
A vendor supplies services to companies (customers), while an enterprise receives services from its vendors. A large portion of companies acts both as a vendor and an enterprise.
Does Findings offer free trials?
Yes. You can start using the platform for free for 30 days. Start here.
How can I book a demo?
While we would love to show you around, we have many resources to help you get started immediately - Sign up and check your email for our video tutorials.
How do I sign up?
On your right-hand upper corner, click "sign up," fill in your details, and you're in!
What happens after I sign up?
You will get access to your account shortly. We will send you a notification via email when your account has been set up.
What is vendor risk management?
To explain this better - please refer to our blog post here.

Vendor Risk Management (VRM) is a process that helps organizations identify, assess, and manage risks associated with third-party vendors. It provides frameworks for organizations to evaluate and monitor the risks of their business relationships with outside vendors and helps organizations to protect their data and assets.

The strategies used to manage vendor risks will vary depending on the type and size of the vendor, the organization’s level of risk tolerance, and the organization’s business goals.
What is continuous monitoring?
The only long-tail solution you need - here's a short video to put things in order for you

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