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Findings ESG: Streamlining Compliance with Automated Monitoring

Embrace ESG standards without the headache

Automate vendor ESG posture monitoring

Supply chains have become increasingly crucial to a company’s operations with an estimate of 80% of global trade passes through supply chains.

To ensure your company is ESG compliant, your supply chain is a critical factor when assessing your own practices.

Multiple ESG rating agencies create a non – standardized and non-specific view of part of the supply chain in a way that increase both costs and manual assessment work.

With this in mind, we created an easy to use automating ESG posture monitoring solution to target the ENTIRE supply chain.

Findings ESG

Rapidly meet best practices

Whether you are an enterprise or a vendor the Findings framework will enable you to rapidly meet best practices, improve your posture, and better interact with your vendors and customers while being able to report your compliance to your chosen stakeholders.

Let Findings answer your periodic customers’ ESG audits.

No more spreadsheets, emails and time waisted on assessment administration

More Efficient Audits

Reuse data from past audits to enhance ongoing assessment processes.

Every piece of assessment you need

scope 3 emissions, Modern slavery, self-essement,  and responsable investment, all are waiting for you to automate it within minutes. 

Findings simplifies your entire customer assessment ecosystem: Efficient audits, risk reports, evidence, and personalized security showcase pages