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The enactment of the DORA Act signifies a pivotal moment—
businesses unaligned WILL face strict regulatory consequences.
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Top-notch cloud cybersecurity and resilience with your vendors is crucial for you and global regulators

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In-depth analysis of the DORA regulation and its implications for financial entities operating in the EU, UK, and US.

Practical steps and guidelines for preparing your company for DORA compliance before the deadline.

How adopting DORA’s measures ensures a more secure organization resilient against external threats.

How adopting DORA’s measures ensures a more secure organization resilient against external threats.

Your Key to Success:

Achieve Compliance

Grasp the nuances of DORA and ensure your institution adheres to the new standards

Enhance Operational Resilience

Implement strategies and practices to fortify your institution against cyber threats and ICT incidents

Strategic Partnership

Discover how Findings can guide you through the complexities of the DORA Act and bolster your digital resilience

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Learn why top entities trust Findings for navigating regulatory compliance.

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We facilitate your journey to compliance by offering solutions tailored to the DORA Act’s requirements. From risk management to incident reporting, our services cover the spectrum of regulations outlined in the act.

DORA allows financial entities to exchange cyber threat information and intelligence among themselves, improving awareness and strategies for mitigating and responding to cyber threats.

DORA entered into force on January 16, 2023, and financial entities have until January 17, 2025, to comply with its requirements fully.

Discover the answer within our guide!

Findings can seamlessly integrate with your current systems, supporting continuous monitoring and offering additional integrations to bolster digital resilience.

Our onboarding process is straightforward. Provide us with the necessary information, and we’ll handle the rest, offering support every step of the way.

Absolutely, our services can be tailored to align with your specific business requirements and regulatory obligations.

DORA mandates financial entities to conduct thorough risk assessments of their third-party ICT service providers. This includes reviewing the criticality of the services provided and ensuring compliance with DORA’s operational resilience and cybersecurity standards.