The Complete List of October 2021 Findings Updates

This blog post details the new features and bugs release for 19.10.2021.

New Features #

1. Filter Your Dashboard Data via Vendor Status #

We added an additional “vendor status” filter to your homepage dashboard. Now, you can segment your vendors by their internal status to reflect the data for the relevant group on your dashboard.

The “vendor status” filter has been added to the Findings dashboard.

How to Use the Vendor Status Filter? #

To use this filter, all you have to do is add a vendor into the relevant group by:

  • Opening “Manage vendors”;
  • Clicking the “Edit” option next to the relevant vendor;
  • Selecting the relevant status from the dropdown list;
  • Saving the new vendor; and
  • Filtering the dashboard.
Click “Manage Vendors” on the dashboard.
Select the relevant vendor by clicking ‘Edit.’
Select the status of the vendor from the dropdown menu in “Vendor status.”
Click “SAVE,” and your new vendor will be added.

2. Set Automated Due Date to Mitigate a Vendor’s Findings/Tasks #

Setting an automated “Findings/Tasks” (based on the vendor’s response to your assessment) is vital to ensure a scaled audit process. Now, you can also set a pre-defined “Due” to each finding/task. All you have to do is state the number of days that the vendor has to mitigate their “Findings, and the system will automatically calculate the due date once you complete the audit.

How to Use the Set Automated Due Date? #

3. Test Your Assessment Logic #

Now, you can preview and test your assessment logic in assessment editor. Crucially, the test won’t affect the organization’s risk score.

The new feature includes:

  • Testing triggers for follow up questions;
  • Validating assessment path logic;
  • Validating score calculation; and
  • Testing triggers for “Findings/Tasks.”

How to Use the New Feature? #

4. Adding the Organization’s Administrator (a User) to All System Communications #

We expanded the team collaboration feature to include all your organization’s team members in all the system notifications and communications. This will enable you and your team members to collaborate more efficiently and seamlessly in your Findings account.

How to Use this New Feature? #

You don’t need to do anything special. We automatically add every new team member (admins) to the notification list. However, please note that BO (Business Owners) and SO (Sales Owners) will only be CCed to their relevant processes.

5. Adding Follow-Up (Triggered) Questions Just Got Much Easier #

Now, you can create follow-up questions directly from the master question. The system will automatically set the question in “Disabled” mode and put the question in the right place inside the assessment’s hierarchy.

Additionally, you can “Drag & Drop” the master question into a new position within your assessment. Upon changing the position of the master question, all the logic in the assessment (questions/controls and their follow ups) will be followed and placed accordingly.

How to Use this New Feature? #

Bugs Fixed #

Organization Score – Calculate Your Score for Assessments Only in Finalize Status (and Beyond) #

Issue – The calculation for an organization’s risk score was previously worked out for assessments in all statuses.

Fix – Now, only assessments in the “Finalize” status and beyond are calculated for the organization’s risk score.

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