Automated Vendor Risk Assessment with Findings

Assess your vendors' security and privacy posture

Vendor risk assessment & management is an inefficient, spreadsheet driven, labor-intensive process. Managing and maintaining this process consistently over a long period of time has proven to be nearly impossible.

The need to continually evaluate both new and existing vendors, understand their security maturity, and track their improvement towards meeting your security criteria is a complicated and costly process.

More vendors, No spreadsheets, No hassle !

Findings revolutionizes the vendor risk management (VRM) process.
By leveraging AI and automation, Findings streamlines this manually-driven, labor-intensive process for the enterprise and the vendor, saves time and money, while replacing manual processes with automated ones.

Automate assessments

Automate your entire vendor security and privacy risk program in minutes.

Gain full supply-chain security 

visibility with no manual handling

and lower cost.

Automate Assessments: Streamline vendor security and privacy risk programs in minutes. Achieve full supply-chain security visibility with automated processes, reducing manual handling and costs
You can automate risk assessment according to internal organization needs.
Manage TPRM program in one place
Vendors, internal security posture, findings/gaps analysis, all in a single unified dashboard


Define risk criteria and standards based on your own methodology or industry best practice.

 Manage internal risk

Align your business owners with you external vendor risk process.
Define automated VRM prioritization processes based on your actual exposure and potential impact

 Manage findings

Automate gap analysis, impact assessments and remediation plans. Save on billable-hour consulting costs for vendor reviews.

automated risk assessment gaps and findings
Manage findings and gaps automatically with smart rules automation
Effortless evidence collection process

 Collect evidence

Automate secured evidence collection, analysis and classification. 

Align evidence to findings and track their progress. 

Verify Controls: Align vendor control validation and field inspection requirements with automated processes for efficient and cost-effective verification.
Aggregate 3rd party API control verification directly to the vendor's risk assessment

 Verify controls

Replace manual control validation, verification and costly field inspections with automated control verification processes.



All your stakeholders in one place. Eliminate manual work while communicating with your vendors 

Regulatory Compliance - Easy!

Findings is the only platform to enable rapid regulatory compliance for your entire supply-chain and out-of-the-box cross regulatory framework risk exposure analysis













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