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Answering multiple customer security assessments ?

Security compliance, whether mandated by your sector's regulation, requested by your existing customers or new prospects - is a costly, labor-intensive and continuous process.

Findings is accelerating the security and privacy assessments response time for new business opportunities by automating the process, minimizing the security team involvement and dramatically reducing the assessment life cycle period.

Rapidly create your controls posture

Self-assess your posture against several security, data protection and privacy compliance



Leverage past assessments

Build your AI based security posture repository.

Manage all your assessment and tasks in one place, 

and save time on new assessments


Craft your own appearance 

Your terminology, your descriptions your evidence, your brand – personalize everything with Findings editor

how to build your own assessment

Create your security showcase page

Transform your selected assessments and controls

to branded showcase pages.

Add secured evidence and personalized comments.


Share with your clients 

Securely share your security pages with selected clients.
Control the sharing and exposure of your pages.

Showcase your security posture

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