Answering multiple customer security assessments ?

Security compliance, whether mandated by your sector’s regulation, requested by your customers or from self alignment, is a costly, labor intensive and continuous process.

Findings is changing the path to compliance by automating the entire process and reducing its manual components.
Increase your security, data protection or privacy maturity by using Findings as your platform for assessing and showcasing your compliance to your customers.

Assess your posture


Rapidly self-assess your posture against several security, data protection and privacy compliance frameworks. Upload your own personalized assessments, eliminate spreadsheets and manual processes.

Create your security page

Transform your assessments into a branded security page.Transform selected assessments into your personalized security & privacy controls. Add secured evidence and personalized comments.


Share with your clients 

Securely share your security pages with selected clients. Control the sharing and exposure of your pages.

Manage internal workflows

Enable internal client security requests to your team – by sales reps, product managers or R&D teams

Better serve your internal stakeholders, reduce time for assessment delivery and save on internal labor costs




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