Assessing SaaS Vendors' Security and Privacy Posture with Findings - Simplify Vendor Risk Management

Automate Your SaaS Vendor Risk Management with Findings

Assess your SaaS vendors' security and privacy posture

Cloud-based vendors expose the enterprise to significant risk that cannot easily managed.

Findings enables you an out-of-the-box vendor risk management in a fraction of the cost compared to the manual industry standard.

Our novel vendor CSPM inspector is providing a unique, patented remote security posture (currently for AWS) that constantly verifies the required security level of the vendors' cloud infrastructure.

More vendors, No spreadsheets, No hassle !

Automate assessments

Automate your SaaS vendor security and privacy risk assessment process in minutes. Align with CSA, NIST and other leading frameworks while customized to your own terminology

Benchmarking Vendor Risk with Defined Criteria and Standards


Define risk criteria and standards based on CSA and CIS best practices as well as your own methodology.

Manage findings 

Automate gap analysis, impact assessments and remediation plans. Save on billable-hour consulting costs for vendor reviews.

Verify AWS security controls

Replace manual control validation, verification and costly field inspections with automated AWS control status reporting, findings and severity assessment.

Assess your SaaS vendors

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