As a veteran of the cyber security industry, Kobi Freedman has played a substantial role in building and operating multiple cyber security platforms for enterprise.
As he ventured into entrepreneurship, building his first two companies, he was struck by the time and effort that both suppliers and enterprises were investing in making sure it was safe to do business together.

These concerns increased in volume and complexity as the industry discovered just how monumental third-party threats could become over time. When he met Jonatan Perry, a cyber security tech expert, he found a partner frustrated by the same issue, and they decided to take action, giving rise to Findings.

Findings’ vision is to create a world where any company can engage with in any supply chain without worrying about security or privacy regulation concerns. We have undertaken a mission to automate the processes needed to eliminate these regulatory risks to make this vision a reality.


As a result, our platform empowers both enterprises and vendors. Enterprises enjoy full coverage of their supply chain, automated yet customizable control verification, and end-to-end audited monitoring of the entire process. Vendors can now automatically showcase their security and privacy posture, thus eliminating the overhead associated with doing business, reducing lead-to-client time, and paving the way to new enterprise clients.

Kobi Freedman
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