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The Findings framework will enable you to rapidly meet best practices, improve your performance, and better interact with your customers while being able to report your compliance to your chosen stakeholders. Whether you're an enterprise assessing your supply chain, or an asset owner/manager assessing your investments, Findings will automate the process for you.

Asset owners and asset managers

Enterprises and Vendors

Enjoy an automated, scalable, and easy-to-deploy risk assessment and monitoring solution for all ESG stakeholders - from asset managers through portfolio companies and to their entire investment holdings and 3rd parties.

The Findings platform ensures that enterprises can implement a sophisticated, straightforward, and efficient ESG vendor due diligence process. Enterprises can use pre-built best practice assessments or can be custom-built according to the enterprise's needs. Vendors can use our automated response tool to easily and quickly respond to incoming ESG questionnaires.

Findings ESG offers a cost-effective and scalable solution, adjustable to your risk program and investment due diligence process.

Embrace ESG standards without the headache​

Automate assessment response and showcase your ESG performance today!​

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