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Third Party Risk – also known as supply-chain security or VRM (Vendor Risk Management)is rapidly evolving to be one of the highest priority items within each and every security organization.

VRM has unique challenges, however, as it combines multidisciplinary data protection and privacy aspects, alongside regulatory implications and the need to operate at scale. Implementing an effective and efficient vendor auditing and risk management program is a challenge we at IDRRA decided to solve in order to help companies improve their respective security postures. This is why we decided to create this newsletter and blog – in order to be a strategic discussion resource around vendor risk management, supply-chain security, and related regulatory implications – around the world and across various industries. Our initiative helps organizations stay on top of and manage the rapidly changing regulatory landscape and the manual supply-chain security process.  Through these undertakings, alongside others, IDRRA seeks to improve and automate processes, as well as to give organizations the opportunity to better evaluate, understand, and address the risk that their vendors expose them to. As we continue to automate tedious time and labor-intensive manual processes, we will use this space to keep our readers up to date on the industry’s latest news and knowledge. I hope you will enjoy this newsletter, and we look forward to your thoughts and comments. Kobi Freedman

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